CGI alley

Dutch Language version

This gallery is a reflection of my learning process creating CGI over the years until this very day,  Started in the mid 80-ties, these images are drawn, stamped, photographed, scanned, processed, rendered and/ or composed using a wide range of 2D and 3D software I came across my journey. Some software is really old and abandoned but still fully functioning and some is highend, not always maintained well and not always doing what is promised ;).

Inspiration comes from everyday affairs and often starts with a digital snapshot or a pencil droodle on paper, saved in a shoebox for later processing. These sketched beginnings seems to be meaningless from their start. However, once adopted in the digital image processing these droodles often leads to intresting scenery. Placing objects in scenes seems to have no inherent relation to each other at first glance but rather forming the starting point of a journey through the wide range of image editing tools.

In that way I am creating images that are just portals to virtual worlds where anything is possible. Itteration after itteration recycling all composed imagery, being in a perpetuating “Work in Progress” state.

Have fun viewing these images in no particular order. I’f you like to useor refer to these images for your own creative proces, feel free to experiment. If you distribute for non commercial purposes please respect the creator and link to this portfolio. Thanx!




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